Catherine Cavilte’s love for fashion started early on and that’s what drove her to pursue Fashion Design alongside completing a college degree in Computer Application. After earning her degree in Fashion Institute of the Philippines, she’s bent on enhancing her fashion know-how through frequent travels abroad. It was not long after that she allowed herself to immerse in the business and slowly worked her way into the industry.

Young, fresh, and bold – that’s what made the fashion luminaries take notice when she was placed under the fashion radar for the first time. She was selected as one of the finalists of MEGA Young Designers Competition in 2004 and that became her launch pad as she was ushered into the scene. Her clientele started to grow, with celebrities and noted personalities decking themselves with her pieces. In 2007, she landed the pages of Preview Magazine and joined the roster of “12 Designers to Watch Out”. Her passion and creative flair continued to set things in motion when she was handpicked as one of MEGA Magazine’s “Women to Watch” in 2009. That same year, she also graced the runway of Australian Fashion Week coupled with rave reviews. To say that Catherine Cavilte was on a roll would be an understatement.

With brands keeping their eyes peeled on the next-best-things in fashion, it was sooner than later that Cavilte started venturing into business and at the same time, sharing her fashion ingenuity to retail giants such as Memo, Folded and Hung, and Jellybean. With more than a decade of experience, she became a force to be reckoned with that eventually made her design sensibilities and business acumen her strengths. Her body of work extends from tasteful couture pieces and ready-to-wear essentials to bridal wear and evening wear.

She lends a modern approach to a woman’s dream wedding dress yet remain true to her style vision. Her designs continue to be a breath of fresh air and she intends to take her brand into greater heights as she envisions new ways to innovate.  Clearly, she has found the passion and calling that she worked hard for all these years. After all, fashion is an industry where she thrives and Catherine Cavilte always mean business.